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About Mittineague

The Park: Mittineague is the name of the neighborhood where the town park is located. It has both recreational areas and more 'wild' places as well. The park's natural beauty provided the inspiration and images for the 'Mittineague Park' section.

The Site: Mittineague is comprised of 5 sections, a forum, and a blog.

*Note: The Northampton High School Alumni section been moved to the Forums

*Note: The Music section been removed.

Family & Friends: (formerly Friends & Events) Includes the Hutchinson Family Tree in the Genealogy section.

Mittineague Park: Originally part of the "Walk Photos" section, now a major site area in it's own right with 325 photos. The revised section has Thumbnail pages that link to auto-aligning large-photo click-through pages, and Javascript Slide Show pages that monitor download progress. Download a PDF version (opens a new window) of the thumbnail pages. (5,712 K)

Walk Photos: More than 100 scanned photographs from my many walks. The revised section has thumbnails and auto-aligning large photo click-through pages, and a multi-directional 360° view from Goat's Peak Tower.

Scripting: The early Mittineague site had a section called Design. Since that time, "design" has come to be more understood as referring to graphics, and scripting and writing code are now commonly called "development". In the fast-paced world of the web, much has changed since then and most if not all of that early content is now obsolete. The Scripting section now contains the Toot-O-Matic with Java 2 v1.4.2_05 tutorial, a Java based application that creates HTML and PDF files from XML and XSL files. Also, the Firefox browser has become quite popular. Of the many extensions available to it's users that allow customization of the browser, GreaseMonkey is one of the best. Links to Userscripts can be found on the section's main page as can links to phpBB MODs and WordPress plugins.

Wildflowers: An initial goal was to create a searchable wildflower blossoming-time data base. This section includes the resulting Search page, an alphabetically listed table page and a blossoming time range table as well. Tables can now be sorted by Common or Botanical name, First or Last blossoming date. Current Total number of Species on list is 213 as of June 12 2010. The RSS feed changes daily while there are flowers in bloom, as does the email list serve.

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