WordPress Functions 2.3

WordPress version 2.3 comes with some changes, including changes to script files and the database schema. There is a net increase in the number of classes and functions. WordPress 2.3 has 5 more classes and 126 more functions than does WordPress 2.2

This is a net increase, but it does not mean that only more were added. Some files no longer exist, and some functions are gone. More were added than were removed.

As before I used a script that searches WordPress files using regular expressions to find Classes and Functions.
52 PHP Classes and 1,539 PHP Functions were found.

The PHP Classes and Functions of WordPress 2.3

* Note *
The list does not include any found in plugin or theme files as these will differ from blog to blog. Nor does it differentiate between "stand alone" functions and functions that are members of a class, such as the Snoopy functions.

If you know of any functions that are not in the list, please leave a comment so I can modify the regex used to find them.

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