WordPress Functions 2.7

While doing some work involving the taxonomy.php file, I noticed a function that's name begins with an ampersand. Because the regular expression I was using looked for "word" characters, which doesn't include an ampersand, this function was not found by my plugin. Originally the plugin searched 225 PHP files, of which 142 contained classes and functions, and found 71 classes (7 more than found in WordPress version 2.6) and 2,352 functions. After changing the regex to also match function names beginning with an ampersand, 24 more functions were found, for a total of 2,376 functions. This is 260 more functions than were found in WordPress version 2.6

The PHP Classes and Functions of WordPress 2.7

* Note *
The list does not include any found in plugin or theme files as these will differ from blog to blog. Nor does it differentiate between "stand alone" functions and functions that are members of a class, such as the Snoopy functions.

If you know of any functions that are not in the list, please leave a comment so I can modify the regex used to find them.

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