Ping Watcher Translations

I have decided that I should attempt to Internationalize my plugins so that they can be Localized. — i18n and l10n — but I need help!

As the Ping Watcher plugin is the easiest of them for me to work with, it is the one I'm starting with. I have modified the plugin's PHP file and created a POT file. These will be included beginning with the next version release, Ping Watcher version Beta 0.2.0

As I am a newbie at this, suggestions here are more than welcome. And if anyone would like to provide a translation I will be most grateful. I can create the MO files, what I need is the language_Country PO files, or at least the translations of the various text strings so that I can create pingwatcher-ll_CC.po files using the translated text.

To avoid duplication of effort, please check here to make sure the particular language_Country translation isn't already done or in progress.

I will edit this post by adding a list of the translations here so you won't need to read all the comments.

Current Translations

Please leave a comment so I will know that you're helping me and I can add you to the list. Many Thanks