WordPress Functions 2.8

WordPress version 2.8 brings quite a few changes, including the use of SimplePie and a new Widgets API. The plugin searched 242 249* PHP files (17 24 more than 2.7), of which 155 161* contained classes and functions (13 19 more than 2.7), and found 107 164* classes (36 93 more than 2.7) and 2,944 3,003* functions. This is 568 627 more functions than were found in WordPress version 2.7

It seems the WordPress Core grows with every release.

The PHP Classes and Functions of WordPress 2.8

* Note *
The list does not include any found in plugin or theme files as these will differ from blog to blog. Nor does it differentiate between "stand alone" functions and functions that are members of a class, such as the Snoopy functions.

If you know of any Core functions that are not in the list, please leave a comment so I can modify the regex used to find them.

*The regex was changed to find classes that "extend" other classes, and the search changed to find files under "plugins" under the wp-includes folder (i.e. tinymce).

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