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How to Enter Code in Blog Comments

Perhaps most people have no problem with leaving comments on blogs. But often for those wishing to post code examples, there are problems like the blog stripping out the code or showing a smilie :< Sometimes if the comment can't be edited, frustrated visitors will leave several comments in an attempt to get their code […]


Today marks the demise of the clever mnemonic, "Spring ahead, Fall back". How many millions of people have used this to remember which way to adjust their clocks? It worked because the verbs help one remember which noun they apply to. But now that the period of daylight savings time has been messed with, "Winter […]


Snow at last! Here it is February 2nd, Groundhog Day, the middle of the Winter season, but now it actually looks like Winter. I never would have thought that I would actually have missed the stuff, but it sure is good to see some. Now if all of my plants haven't frozen solid and died […]


The deep freeze of Winter has set in. For a while I was beginning to wonder. I still wonder. The first lasting snowfall in the Pioneer Valley has always been at different times. I remember years when it was before Halloween and other years when it was after Christmas. But here it is the end […]


Messenger SPAM? If you take a look at the Email Addresses page, you'll notice a few "Emily" and "Becky" email addresses. These supposedly belong to someone wanting to be contacted by MSN Messenger and not by email: . please no email my box is full . Really? Hotmail makes it clear that the mailbox […]