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Cost Report

******** Thank you for your reply regarding AFC level I payment rates. I am somewhat familiar with: 408.430 – Adult Foster Care Responsibilities. (E) (2) The AFC provider must submit all of the following information in the forrmat and time frames required by the MassHealth agency: (a) clinical and statistical information; (b) member incidents or […]

To the EOHSS

Executive Office of Health and Human Services, I am seeking information regarding a grave and urgent matter. I have been a caregiver in the Adult Foster Care program since Spring of 2001. In that time there has not been a single increase in the Level I payment rate. Not even one COLA. In 2001 the […]

Agreement Intent

MassHealth Customer Service, Thank you for your response of May 30. It has clarified some of my concerns. To reconfirm my understanding, regarding 408.434(A)(4) – "employ or independently contract with an AFC caregiver.", your answer "The language is meant to give the AFC provider the flexibility to either hire a caregiver as an employee of […]

AFC Questions

MassHealth Customer Service, I have been reading – MassHealth Transmittal Letter AFC-11, January 2007, To: Adult Foster Care Providers Participating in MassHealth. 1. I was unable to find any reference as to when the regulations will go into effect for Adult Foster Care Caregivers. Will it be soon? 2. Although I do see that 408.404 […]


I would have never imagined that anyone could actually not be allowed to apologize. As I mentioned in my earlier post Complaint, MassHealth's failure to apologize may mean that I have to file a lawsuit against them. This is ironic, because it seems that a main reason for not apologizing is so that the apology […]