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Today marks the demise of the clever mnemonic, "Spring ahead, Fall back". How many millions of people have used this to remember which way to adjust their clocks? It worked because the verbs help one remember which noun they apply to. But now that the period of daylight savings time has been messed with, "Winter […]

Last and First

The last of the flowers are gone for this Autumn and Winter is fast approaching. In my list of Wildflowers the last plant to be in flower – on around November 11, is Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginiana An unusual characteristic is that it flowers after it's leaves have died. Each flower with it's 4, very […]


Halloween marks the beginning of the "dark half" of the year. Although a few weeks have passed since the Autumnal Equinox, due to the seasonal temperature lag, the more natural division of the year into halves is a few weeks later. By now the Fall Foliage season is essentially over and the first Snow has […]


Acorns, lot's of them. Every few years Oak trees produce an excessively abundant crop of acorns. And I don't mean individual trees, but, with some degree of variation, all trees. In any given year, either they do, or they don't, as a group. This phenomenon is known as Masting. The species as a whole benefits […]


Many years ago a college professor said that when the asters started to appear he knew Autumn was on the way. At the time, I didn't appreciate the usefulness of using flower cycles as a seasonal clock, but as I have grown to know more of such things, I too now recognize their appearance as […]