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Clean Options Translations

Please Donate. No, I don't want your money. But if you are bilingual and fluent in English and another language, I will appreciate your help in providing translations. Beginning with version 1.2.0 the Clean Options plugin has a POT file in it's languages folder. I can create the MO files, what I need is the […]

Alternate Syntax

Most commonly, the type of argument used in WordPress files for get_option() is a string. Some files however, use variables. i.e. $options = array('this', 'that', 'and', 'another'); foreach($options as $option) { get_option($option); } /* or */ foreach($options as $option) { get_option('prefix_' . $option); } Because the Clean Options plugin uses regex to gather option names […]

Clean Options Plugin Release Candidate

The first version of the Clean Options plugin became available in April of 2007. Since then there have been a few bug fixes, a few enhancements, a few version compatibility updates, and couple of minor tweaks. Two issues still remain that could, and will most likely, be handled differently, but it is believed that the […]

Clean Options RSS options

The Clean Options plugin lists options named "rss_(hash value)" and "rss_(hash value)_ts". Where do these options come from? WordPress uses the fetch_rss function to get content from RSS feeds. For example, the dashboard uses fetch_rss() to get incoming links, dev news (wordpress.org/development/feed/), and planet news (planet.wordpress.org/feed/). The fetch_rss function uses Magpie to cache the feed […]

Clean Options and Speed

In the blog article The 3 Easiest Ways to Speed Up WordPress, John Pozadzides discusses improving page load time. The Clean Options plugin can help by removing unnecessary rows from the wp_options table. How much does this speed up queries? Relatively, probably not much unless you have many excess rows. But then again, why make […]