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WordPress Functions 2.7

While doing some work involving the taxonomy.php file, I noticed a function that's name begins with an ampersand. Because the regular expression I was using looked for "word" characters, which doesn't include an ampersand, this function was not found by my plugin. Originally the plugin searched 225 PHP files, of which 142 contained classes and […]

WordPress Functions 2.6

WordPress has changed quite a bit since version 2.3, including a net increase of 12 classes and 577 functions. Again, I used a script that searches WordPress files using regular expressions to find Classes and Functions. 64 PHP Classes and 2,116 PHP Functions were found. The PHP Classes and Functions of WordPress 2.6 * Note […]

WordPress Functions 2.3

WordPress version 2.3 comes with some changes, including changes to script files and the database schema. There is a net increase in the number of classes and functions. WordPress 2.3 has 5 more classes and 126 more functions than does WordPress 2.2 This is a net increase, but it does not mean that only more […]

WordPress Functions

While writing WordPress plugins, I have become somewhat familiar with the information on functions found in the WordPress Codex Function Reference Template Tags Filter Reference Even so, every so often I've been pleasantly surprised to discover an unknown (to me anyway) WordPress function that does just what I'm looking for. So I decided to write […]