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Error Reporting Plugin Release Candidate

The first version of the Error Reporting plugin became available in March of 2007. Since then there have been a few changes, most notably, the Ping Error with dashboard widget feature, and an Auto Delete of old error log files feature that has been added in response to Alex Kah's suggestion. And thanks to Frank's […]

Clean Options Translations

Please Donate. No, I don't want your money. But if you are bilingual and fluent in English and another language, I will appreciate your help in providing translations. Beginning with version 1.2.0 the Clean Options plugin has a POT file in it's languages folder. I can create the MO files, what I need is the […]

Ping Watcher Translations

I have decided that I should attempt to Internationalize my plugins so that they can be Localized. — i18n and l10n — but I need help! As the Ping Watcher plugin is the easiest of them for me to work with, it is the one I'm starting with. I have modified the plugin's PHP file […]

Ping Watcher Plugin

While checking the log files for errors found by the Error Reporting plugin, I've noticed E_WARNING errors from failed pings. I'll admit, my ping list is a rather haphazard conglomerate of sites that I've put together from various sources. From time to time one or more of the sites would repeatedly turn up in the […]

Page Specific CSS in WordPress Admin Pages

While working on the Clean Options plugin, I noticed in the source code that there was CSS from several plugins in the head section of all of the admin pages. Besides being unnecessary, there is also the potential problem that style rules intended for one page might affect others they weren't intended for. Giving the […]