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Today marks the one year anniversary of successfully hardening the phpBB2 forum against SPAM bots. Not that they've stopped trying. There's been a total of at least 6,451 (and counting) unsuccessful attempts to date. It just goes to show that script kiddies are not real programmers. Neither are they too clever. But they are persistent. […]

Helping SPAM bots

As I posted back in December (Arabs), some SPAM robots were posting to my Toot-O-Matic with Java 2 v1.4.2_05 tutorial's feedback form. Apparently the bots see the form's textarea and submit SPAM to it as though the content will be getting published online, which it never has or ever was intended to. After seeing my […]


Messenger SPAM? If you take a look at the Email Addresses page, you'll notice a few "Emily" and "Becky" hotmail.com email addresses. These supposedly belong to someone wanting to be contacted by MSN Messenger and not by email: . please no email my box is full . Really? Hotmail makes it clear that the mailbox […]


There has not yet been a single SPAM comment and the blog has been online for several weeks now. I guess those WordPress plugins really do work knock wood. A few spammers have managed to get by the phpBB forum's anti-spam measures since that went live. So that will have to be locked down a […]