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Google sitemap.xml Validation

There are several ways to validate a Google sitemap.xml file. Because I have MSXML 4.0 installed, I finally decided to try validating my file as described in an older O'Reilly xml.com article, An Overview of MSXML 4.0 by Steven Livingstone, June 04, 2002 My sitemap file validated easily enough as far as being well-formed, but […]

rss.php Hack 1

There have been changes to the widgets.php file other than it's having been moved from the plugins/widgets folder to the wp-includes folder since I posted the widgets.php hack two years ago. I have discovered a much simpler and easier hack to achieve the same effect. That is, a way to ensure that RSS feeds with […]

comment-template Hack

A while ago the Clean Options post got a trackback comment from a Turkish blog. After upgrading to the new WordPress version I validated the page. The w3c validator complained Sorry! This document can not be checked. ….. Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because on line 292 it contained one or more […]

widgets.php Hack

Are you using the WordPress sidebar feed widget? You may not have noticed, but feeds with different encodings may cause your page to have non-valid mark-up. This may or may not be of concern to you, but if it is, this hack should be helpful. I say "hack" because this is NOT a plugin, but […]