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rss.php Hack 2

To facilitate testing of the Clean Options plugin, I have placed several RSS feeds in my sidebars by using the WordPress RSS widget. One of these was exhibiting some rather strange behavior. When I first visited my blog after having been away for a while, the feed contents displayed as expected. But upon return within […]

rss.php Hack 1

There have been changes to the widgets.php file other than it's having been moved from the plugins/widgets folder to the wp-includes folder since I posted the widgets.php hack two years ago. I have discovered a much simpler and easier hack to achieve the same effect. That is, a way to ensure that RSS feeds with […]

widgets.php Hack

Are you using the WordPress sidebar feed widget? You may not have noticed, but feeds with different encodings may cause your page to have non-valid mark-up. This may or may not be of concern to you, but if it is, this hack should be helpful. I say "hack" because this is NOT a plugin, but […]