Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Access and use of this site – Mittineague – including subscription to email and RSS feeds, is interpreted as an agreement to these Terms of Use. The user agrees to use Mittineague content solely for personal non-commercial use. Any user disagreeing with any of the terms and conditions must not access or use Mittineague. These terms and conditions may change. It is the user's responsibility to review the Terms of Use often, as access and use of Mittineague is interpreted as an agreement to the terms and conditions as they may be at that time.


Users of Mittineague may submit content. Any user doing so agrees to observe the rules of net-etiquette. Users must not post anything abusive, indecent, libelous, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, unlawful, or vulgar. Users must not post anything that infringes upon or violates the rights of others. Users must not attempt to compromise the security of Mittineague. Mittineague will not tolerate any SPAM.
By posting content to Mittineague, the user agrees to grant Mittineague full rights to use, display, store, transmit, modify, and remove content at the sole discretion of Mittineague. The user agrees that all content posted will be considered as non-confidential and available for others to read. The user agrees to retain full responsibility in any legal actions that may arise as a result of their posts.

Use of Content

Any user displaying content from Mittineague agrees to noticeably and clearly state that the content is from Mittineague and agrees to provide a noticeable link to Mittineague. The user agrees that content from Mittineague will not be displayed or used in any way that might be interpreted as not being from Mittineague The user agrees to remove and not use Mittineague content upon the request of Mittineague.


Mittineague welcomes and encourages links to it from Legitimate sites of good character that are in accord with the character and content of Mittineague. Users agree to remove any link they may have to the Mittineague site upon the request of Mittineague.

Access to Content

Mittineague may, at it's sole discretion, at any time for any or no reason, alter, deny or restrict access to Mittineague content for any user. Mittineague retains the right to take legal action against any user that violates these Terms of Use.


Registration is no longer required to post comments to the Mittineague blog. However, Users agree to provide a valid email address that belongs to them when posting a comment.


The user agrees to keep their password confidential and to not compromise the security of other's passwords.


Mittineague respects the privacy of it's users and takes measures to ensure that confidential information remains protected. Mittineague will not sell, give, or make available to others, any user's email address.
If a user abuses the privileges granted to them and uses Mittineague to SPAM, their email address may be made viewable on the "Email Addresses" page.
Mittineague does not have the ability to retrieve lost passwords. If a password is lost or forgotten, a new password which the user can change later, will be sent to the user's email address.

Last Modified April 9, 2007