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Tootomatic with Java 2 v1.4.2_05, and a Self-test feature
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2. Problems

Exceptions, Corruption, and Non-functionality page 1 of 1

Running the tootomatic application from the MS-DOS prompt gave the following XSLT Error:
(javax.xml.transform.TransformerException): java.lang.ClassCastException
Just the same, the application did create a folder and files.

The Zip file was small in size (4KB) and could not be expanded.

The Feedback form was non-functional.

The E-mail It form was also non-functional.

In addition, and of no consequence, there was an extra index.html file outside of the generated folder. And the folder contained 2 empty folders, "i" and "master"

Also, and of potentially more concern, the main Index page gave 22 W3C Validation Errors. Correcting the application so that it creates valid pages is beyond the scope of this discussion.

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