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Tootomatic with Java 2 v1.4.2_05, and a Self-test feature
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3. Fixing the Problems

E-mail It Form Functionality - Considerations page 4 of 6

  1. Javascript Dependency
  2. Pop-up Blocking
  3. Email Filtering
  4. Spamming Prevention

This feature requires that the browser has Javascript enabled. Accommodating browsers without Javascript would involve quite a bit of work, and is beyond the scope of this discussion.

This feature requires that the browser allows Pop-ups. Providing an alternative panel is also beyond the scope of this discussion.

Because of Spam, many email programs utilize filtering. Although it is presumed that users would only be emailing known contacts, the receiving address(es) would have to accept email from the entered fromEmail address.

It is important to evaluate security issues. On the IBM developerWorks' site, registration is required to access the tutorial and it's e-mail it form. Although the form provides for multiple recipients, it's use is thereby limited.
However, Note that the tutorial's e-mail it form that is online does not work either!

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