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Drumlin (A) to (B)

There are no plants in blossom on February 17th.
The earliest date currently listed is Mar 15, and the latest date is Nov 11
This series of 22 photos were taken on Feb 27 2000.The Drumlin is a glacial effect. As the glacier pushed southward loose soil would "ball" up and then be over-ridden by the ice. This resulted in the drumlins characteristic rounded elongate shape. The size of the drumlins can give you an idea of just how BIG the GLACIERS were!
West Springfield, Massachusetts
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Choices from (B)
To the upper terrace (C) by way of the Rail 10 photos Feb 27 2000.
To the upper terrace (C) by way of the Lower Road 14 photos Aug 26 2000.
To Buffalo Mountain (mt) On the road 14 photos Sept 19 2000.
For a geological depiction of the drumlin check out the Surficial Geology page.
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the National Park Service Glacier National Park
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