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This series of 10 photos were taken on Feb 27 2000. *** Note *** It is neither legal nor advisable to "walk the tracks". Unwary animals have been struck and killed by passing trains. Although it may be difficult to fully assess the impact of the railroad's presence, it is a fact that must be lived with. The Lower Road runs parallel to the tracks and is the preferred path, although it is usually muddy and puddle ridden.
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Choices from (C)
To (F) along the Upper Terrace 10 photos Feb 27 2000.
To (A) North on the Drumlin 18 photos July 16 2000.
To the southern tip of the Penninsula along the South East Shore 32 photos June 3 2000. (in 2 parts)
To (B) along the Lower Shore 24 photos Mar 23 2000.

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