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Upper Terrace (C) to (F)

There are no plants in blossom on February 20th.
The earliest date currently listed is Mar 15, and the latest date is Nov 11
This series of 10 photos were taken on Feb 27 2000. They go atop the Upper Terrace, and end at the beginning of the Fill. Many years ago the Westfield river was much higher. Of course so was the land. (And this after being beneath glacial lake Hitchcock!) The river once flowed around the upper terrace such as it does today around the park's southern tip.
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Choices from (F)
To (D) from (F), the Fill 21 photos Feb 27 2000.
Looking north along the fill are many Vernal Pools 14 photos Mar 23 2000.
For a geological depiction of the upper terrace check out the Surficial Geology page.
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