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213 plants have been identified using "Newcomb's Wildflower Guide" during walks in the West Springfield area of Massachusetts
The data is not meant to be interpreted as being 100% accurate. Nor is it complete. 50 plants have been identified only once.
The information should be used as a guideline only, adjusting dates according to locale. The earliest flowering date in the wildflower data is Mar 15. and the latest is Nov 11.

Tables can be sorted by column by clicking the column header links.

*** Plant Data Last Updated June 12 2010 ***

Photos of flowers in the yard in blossom April 20th 2000.

Several plants have their own pages with a photo and Details.

The Fall Foliage Sequence of Common Forest Trees in Southern New England Fall Foliage.

3 ways to search the plant list. What plants are in flower on the day entered? What plants contain the entered text in their Common name? What plants contain the entered text in their Botanical name? Search.

All the plants listed alphabetically by their Common name. This table shows the Earliest date plants were in flower, the Latest date, Common name, Botanical name, whether it has it's own page, and other names they may be known as. 'name' Table.

All the plants listed alphabetically by their Common name. This table shows when the plants are in flower.'range' Table.

A Glossary of the medicinal terms used in the various "detail" pages. Bee Balm ~ Oswego Tea ~ Bergamont, Black-eyed Susan, Blue Vervain, Bluets ~ Quaker Ladies ~ Innocence, Boneset ~ Thoroughwort, Celandine, Coltsfoot, Common Dandelion, Common Elder, Dame's Violet ~ Dame's Rocket ~ Garden Rocket, Ground Ivy ~ Gill over the ground ~ Alehoof, Purple Coneflower ~ Echinacea, Queen Anne's Lace, Queen Anne's Lace VS. Water Hemlock, Red Clover, Water Hemlock,

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Online version of Grieve's A Modern Herbal
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