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Plant Detail Pages

The following plants each have their own page containing a large photo, comments, and Herbal information. The rows can be sorted by clicking on the links at the top of the table columns.

Common NameBotanical NameDetailsAlso Known AsFirst DayLast Day
Bee BalmMonarda didymaBee BalmOswego Tea, BergamontJun 27Aug 07
Black-eyed SusanRudbeckia serotinaBlack-eyed SusanR. hirta v. pulcherrimaJun 18Sep 06
Blue VervainVerbena hastataBlue VervainJul 09Aug 29
BluetsHoustonia caeruleaBluetsInnocence, Quaker Ladies, HedyotisApr 18Jun 18
BonesetEupatorium perfoliatumBonesetThoroughwortAug 03Sep 06
CelandineChelidonium majusCelandineMay 07Sep 11
ColtsfootTussilago farfaraColtsfootMar 15Apr 15
Common DandelionTaraxacum officinaleCommon DandelionApr 03May 21
Common ElderSambucus canadensisCommon ElderJun 12Jul 10
Dame's VioletHesperis matronalisDame's VioletDame's Rocket, Garden RocketMay 15Jun 18
Ground IvyGlechoma hederaceaGround IvyAlehoof, Gill over the groundApr 20Jun 18
Purple ConeflowerEchinacea purpureaPurple ConeflowerEchinaceaJul 15Sep 06
Queen Anne's LaceDaucus carotaQueen Anne's LaceJul 09Sep 07
Red CloverTrifolium pratenseRed CloverMay 23Oct 24
Water HemlockCicuta maculataWater HemlockMay 15Jul 16
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