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Common Dandelion

Common Dandelion

Common Dandelion
Taraxacum officinale
Grieve notes that "The Dandelion takes an important place among honey producing plants, as it furnishes considerable quantities of both pollen and nectar in the early spring, when the bee's harvest from fruit trees is nearly over." and that it's Medicinal Action and Uses include "Diuretic, tonic and slighty aperient. It is a general stimulant to the system, but especially to the urinary organs, and is chiefly used in kidney and liver disorders." According to Foster and Duke, "All plant parts have served as food. Leaves and flowers are rich in vitamins A and C." Hutchens notes: "...shiny green leaves. They contain 7,000 units of Vitamin A per oz. and are an excellent source of Vitamins B, C and G. As a comparison, Vitamin A content of lettuce is 1,200 per oz. and carrot 1,275 per oz." and "Herbalists use Dandelions more generally than any other herb as it combines well with other herbal preparations for the liver and is so mild, wholesome and safe." Beryl states "Weather magick says that seeing the fluff blown free from the head of a dandelion is an indication of rain coming, should this happen when you feel no wind in the air." Culpeper says that "This herb helps one to see farther without a pair of spectacles." and notes that it's flowering time is "Throughout the year."

***~ WARNING ~***

According to Foster and Duke: "Contact dermatitis reported from handling plant, probably caused by latex in stems and leaves."
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