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Dame's Violet ~ Dame's Rocket ~ Garden Rocket

There are no plants in blossom on February 20th.
The earliest date currently listed is Mar 15, and the latest date is Nov 11

Dame's Violet ~ Dame's Rocket ~ Garden Rocket

Dame's Violet ~ Dame's Rocket ~ Garden Rocket
Hesperis matronalis
Grieve says "The leaves are very acrid in taste, ... they are eaten like cress in salads.In the language of flowers, the Rocket has been taken to represent deceit since it gives out a lovely perfume in the evening, but in the daytime has none. Hence it's name of Hesperis, or Vesper-Flower, given it by the Ancients.For eating purposes, the plant should be gathered before flowering, but for medicinal use, when in flower.Medicinal Actions and Uses:In former days doctors combined with poets in attributing marvelous virtues to this plant. It is regarded principally as antiscorbutic.A strong dose will cause vomiting, and may be taken in the place of ipecacuanha." Culpeper says it's "A plant of Mars." and "It is accounted a good wound herb. It's juice, taken a spoonful at a time, is excellent against obstructions of the viscera. It works by the urine. In some places it is a constant ingredient in clysters."
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