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Ground Ivy ~ Gill over the ground ~ Alehoof

Ground Ivy ~ Gill over the ground ~ Alehoof

Ground Ivy ~ Gill over the ground ~ Alehoof
Glechoma hederacea
Grieve says "The whole plant posseses a balsamic odour and an aromatic, bitter taste, due to it's particular volatile oil, contained in the glands on the under surface of the leaves. It was one of the principal plants used by the early Saxons to clarify their beers, before hops had been introduced, the leaves being steeped in the hot liquor." According to Foster and Duke "Traditionally, leaf tea used for lung ailments, asthma, jaundice, kidney ailments, 'blood purifier.' Externally, a folk remedy for cancer, backaches, bruises, piles." Hutchens says "The mineral content is iron, copper, iodine, phosphorus, potassium. The ancient herbalists praised it greatly, saying it would cure insanity and melancholia by opening the stopping of the spleen. It also regulates the heart beat by making the blood more fluid. An excellent assistant to aid glandular health and premature ageing." Beyerl notes "It has also been used to stop a headache primarily caused by nerves and tension." Culpeper says "It is a herb of Venus and therefore cures, by sympathy, the diseases she causes; and those of Mars by antipathy."

***~ WARNING ~***

Foster and Duke warn "Reportedly toxic to horses."
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