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The RSS feed is published daily during the part of the year that wildflowers are in blossom. Subscribe to it by entering the link: or "drag drop" rss feed into your feed reader, as needed. Webmasters are free to include this feed on their websites, as long as it is credited appropriately, such as: "Mittineague Wildflowers", and the link back to this site is left intact.

The Email list serve is available daily or weekly during the part of the year that wildflowers are in blossom. Wildflowers are included in the 3 days prior to it's 'first day", and in the 3 days after it's 'last day'. Thus, plants that have been identified only once will show up for at least 7 days, or 1 week. The Plain Text version is not as easy to read as the HTML format, as can be seen in the screenshots, but is available for those that require/prefer it.

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Email addresses entered for the email list serve will not be used for any other purpose. They are not available to email harvesting webcrawlers. They will not be shared with anyone for any purpose. Although some businesses may utilize Spam, I consider it harassment, and Spam has wasted enough of my time so that this website no longer accepts email, and relies upon the less convenient Contact Form. Because many email programs have implemented Anti-Spam filters, please make sure that your email program will accept email from BEFORE you subscribe, as a confirmation email will be sent to the entered address. If you later want to change your preferences, please use the unsubcribe link found at the bottom of each email, and return here to re-subscribe.
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